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Although his entire family is Peruvian, Luis Echegaray was actually born in Chertsey, England during a short family vacation in June, 1981. He was raised in Lima, Peru until the age of 12 when after a decision to start a better life his family emigrated and moved to Britain.

It was in the UK, when Luis discovered acting and shortly after graduating college he moved to New York City to attend the prestigious American Academy of Dramatic Arts on an international scholarship. After training, he continued performing for Off-Broadway productions and other independent New York Theatre Companies such as Impetuous Theatre Group and Boomerang Theatre Company. In 2004, Luis won critical acclaim as the unpredictable, violent Ismir for Impetuous' production of Venezuela by Guy Helminger, which eventually ended up in New York's Fringe Festival that same year. In 2006, Echegaray beat hundreds of people for a principal role in the upcoming feature "The Mutant Chronicles" playing street-fighting, loud mouthed El Jesus alongside Thomas Jane, Ron Perlman, John Malkovich and Devon Aoki.

Recent projects include VINYL, winner for Best Drama at the Portobello Film Festival and PARTY HARD, a mini series for National Geographic.
Look out for "i&bklyn&u" to come out soon.  A comedy pilot about a couple who live in Brooklyn that Luis wrote, directed and starred in.  The show is currently being shopped around the pilot circuit and has also recently entered the New York Television Festival. This summer Luis will also take part in the U.S premiere of Phillip Ridley's "Moonfleece", an off-broadway production to be performed in June.