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CURT LOWENS risked it all having the distinction of being Jewish in Germany in the 1930's.  In and out of the Camps, Curt spent much of WWII in Holland where he worked with the Dutch Resistance helping people escaping from Germany as well as assisting downed Allied Flyers.  He eventually worked with British Intelligence as an interpreter as they made the final push to victory.  Coming to America after the war with a passion for acting, Curt made his Broadway debut in STALAG 17. He has worked for over 60 years in TV, stage and films. His wide range as an actor has landed him parts in such films as TWO WOMEN with Sophia Loren and ANGELS & DEMONS with Tom Hanks.  He has worked with virtually every director, from Alfred Hitchcock, Vittorio de Sica and Sidney Lumet, to Clint Eastwood, Spike Lee and Ron Howard.  Curt also lectures about his life, and his book, "DESTINATION QUESTIONMARK", is selling worldwide.