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Arlene Parness has been an actress and top LA dancer for over 100 years (give or take), and has had national appearances in The Tonight Show, sitcoms, and commercials.

Garry Marshall called Arlene in after viewing her award-winning short film “I Still Love Lucy”. She also appears in a national television commercial for Orbit gum as… an overgrown alley cat!

She received critical acclaim as BOO BOO O’HARE in “The Doo Dah Daze” in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. She has appeared on such sitcoms as "The Parenthood", "The Nanny", and "3rd Rock From the Sun", to name a few.

She played ATTORNEY MARCIA CLARK from the OJ Simpson clan on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno as part of "Marcia Clark and The Dancing Judge Ito's", a hit sketch that ran for more than a year. That role brought her critical acclaim as an actress and dancer. Arlene has been featured in the LA Times, and was interviewed on every AM and PM TV show.